If you want to get paid to become a full-time truck driver, then CDL paid training is the right track for you. It’s a viable alternative to private truck driving schools where you’ll avoid having to pay a large sum of money upfront. However, this type of training requires more commitment because you must agree to work for the company you received training from afterward. Also, be sure to check on the conditions of your contract because some truck driving schools deduct the training fee from your monthly pay upon graduation.

Semi Truck DriverOverall, it’s wise to assess your personal situation before deciding if CDL over private training is right for you. What are your financial goals for the future? Do you care if you make less money the first year on the job? In the meantime, read more about the benefits of CDL paid training:

Better Job Security

When you don’t lock in a secure contract involving CDL paid training with a company, you’re more vulnerable to layoffs due to supply chain shortages and other factors. After the brutal onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and many supply-chain shortages that are still impacting our society today, many workers want to feel valued and have a sense of stability in the workplace.

Potential truck drivers are in luck because they are constantly becoming more in demand, with the average truck driver seeing a wage increase of 10.9% in the past year, according to data from the American Trucking Association. Some companies offering CDL paid training are offering a $2,000-$10,000 signing bonus and an expedited training process to get oy on the job faster.

Earn Income While Training

61% of American adults were living paycheck to paycheck in June of 2022, according to recent data reported by PR Newswire. The majority of Americans can’t afford to go unpaid for an extended period of time, which is why CDL training is a strong option.

You’ll pay nothing upfront as long as you provide proof of a clean driving record, the ability to pass a physical exam, are a U.S. citizen and hold a driver’s license.

Learn on Company Equipment

CDL training is the best opportunity to learn about the company equipment you’ll actually be working in, leading to better long-term job performance and satisfaction. Plus, there’s a chance you’ll get a few slight dents and paint chips while you’re training, and many of these trucking companies are aware of that and will pay for the damages.

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