Bright red modern big rig semi truck with dry van trailer runninAs a truck driver, it’s your job to transport items from point A to point B, safely and on time. While this concept is relatively simple, it’s not always easy to carry out when you’re stressed, in a rush, or facing inclement weather.

Establishing a pre-trip routine is one of the easiest ways to avoid problems on the road. If you don’t already have one, consider these three important suggestions.

1. Give your truck a thorough inspection. This sounds obvious, but it’s easy to get comfortable and speed through the process. Anytime you’re preparing to hit the road, set aside at least 20 minutes to inspect all aspects of your vehicle. Walk around your truck and trailer and look at all your tires, mirrors, and fluid levels. If you have ratchet straps or chains, make sure all the connections are sturdy and tight. In addition, get up under your truck and check the brake lines. If anything looks amiss, alert maintenance and management right away.

2. Remember: it isn’t a race. Long-haul trucking is exhausting at times, but that doesn’t mean you should drive recklessly or carelessly. If you’re driving on curved roads or steep mountain passes, go slow and shift into lower gears. Don’t ride your brakes, and make sure you’re aware of runaway truck ramps or emergency exits, just in case.

3. Pay attention to the cars around you. When you’re driving a truck, it’s easy to forget all of the smaller cars around you. However, it’s your job to keep yourself and those around you safe. You can’t prevent bad drivers, but you can use your turn signal, wear your seatbelt, and familiarize yourself with your blind spots. If you’re driving on one-lane mountain roads, you might also want to pull over and let other cars go around you from time to time.

These are just three of many tips. What do you do to stay safe on the road? Visit our Facebook page and let us know.