Truck driving safety is a huge concern for many Americans who need to stay safe on our roads. Plus, it’s important for other reasons, including attracting new trucks drivers, lowering CSA scores, retaining employees, cutting costs and more.

All CDL driver safety includes in-depth safety training for all truck drivers, but there are extra precautions truck drivers and those surrounding them can take on a daily basis.

Semi Truck Driver1. Encourage trucks drivers to use defensive driving skills

Defensive driving requires truck drivers to be awake and aware at the wheel to avoid potential hazards. When practicing defensive driving, truck drivers can more easily dodge risky situations and are less likely to be involved in accidents.

Here are the 5 defensive driving skills to be aware of, according to Samsara.

1. Keep an eye out for blind spots
2. Practice the three-second rule when it comes to distance
3. Be prepared for emergencies
4. Stay calm in stressful situations
5. Always signal accordingly
6. Take it slow in unfavorable road conditions

Although truck drivers are aware of these defensive driving skills, it’s crucial for other vehicles on the road to be aware of their surroundings in case of an emergency. Everybody is responsible for making our country’s roads a safer place.

2. Encourage rest

Truck driving is a difficult occupation, and workers can easily become fatigued. Trucks drives may drive between 60-70 hours in the span of seven or eight consecutive on-duty days. The driver can start another seven-to-eight-day period after taking 34 hours off duty, according to FMCSA.

At Double D Distribution, we make extra effort to promote employee health and wellness since we know truck driving can be such a difficult job. Our drivers are often hauling soil and hot tar for construction projects, which is more difficult than other materials. Thank you to our employees and everything they do!

3. Understand equipment capability

When scheduling a trip, it’s important to understand the capability of the truck based on its height and weight. If the trip requires a heavier load, make sure it’s within the scale of what the equipment can handle, or else you risk accidents or possible fatalities.

Additionally, always be mindful of your truck’s space cushions, according to American Truck Driving. Ensure there’s a safe space cushion around all sides of the vehicle just in case.

We hope you found these safety tips useful. Head over to our website to learn more about our trucking services and see what job openings we have available.