Transportation accounts for 28% of emissions in the U.S., and trucks make up 23%. It’s no secret that the truck driving industry must move toward becoming more eco-friendly for future sustainability efforts.

Red Semi Truck on the RoadThousands of major trucking companies are taking steps toward becoming more eco-friendly, including Double D Distribution, but the industry still has a long way to go to be considered sustainable. Check out these three ways the trucking industry can go green to dial in on future zero-emissions goals.

1. Alternative Fuel Solutions

Truck driving companies are looking at alternative fuel solutions for some trucks in their fleet, with the most popular being Biodiesel. There’s also been a huge shift toward electric vehicles including those powered by batteries and hydrogen fuel cells.

Right now, UPS has about 100 electric trucks in its fleet, and many companies like FedEx and Amazon are following suit to help reduce emissions.

2. Stick to Smarter Routes

Reducing the amount of time spent in traffic jams and in bad weather conditions reduces emissions and stress on truck drivers. Workers in freight planning and logistics have a major emphasis on optimizing routes and predicting weather and traffic through artificial intelligence programs.

Another way to optimize routes is to adopt smoother driving habits by maintaining speeds on highways and avoiding slamming on the breaks. Try filling up gas tanks in the morning when the temperature is low to get more gas in your tank per gallon. Your gas tank tends to expand throughout the day as the temperature increases.

3. New Truck Designs

The new fleets that are more modern and aerodynamic are deemed more sustainable than older fleets. Heavy duty trucks see a 53% aerodynamic loss in four design areas, but steps are being taken to improve these designs. Bigger, more modern trucking companies generally have more budget to invest in a new fleet.

Trucking companies are focused on redesigning tractors, smaller gaps between truck and trailer, and improved bumper shapes. More research in the future will better guide manufacturers on where to go next with designing for sustainability.

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