Truck drivers often handle high-risk projects including hauling hot or liquid substances and driving challenging routes in stormy weather conditions. Although the majority of projects in the truck driving industry are considered to be safe, be sure to double-check with your supervisor about the parameters and expectations of the project before leaving. If you’re ever in doubt, always put your safety first, and don’t be shy to ask questions. Here’s how truck drivers can handle high-risk projects:

58897531_M1. Don’t always rely on dispatchers

Although most dispatchers have your best interest in mind and prioritize worker safety, you have the final say when it comes to how you want to handle a high-risk project.

Many dispatchers are former truck drivers who understand the risks of being behind the wheel, but that’s not always true as the workforce continues to become younger and many new hires are recent college graduates. Be prepared for how you’ll react in either scenario.

2. Follow safety protocol

If you do find yourself in an unsafe situation, always refer to safety protocols to stay out of harm’s way. The first task is notifyng your company of your location and what you’re witnessing that makes the drive unsafe.

If you’re lost, be sure to stay on main streets and keep your doors locked. If you have a GPS in your truck, now is the time to utilize it by looking up a new route and taking the proper precautions to plan your trip.

3. Try out dash cams

Hundreds of truck driving companies are taking advantage of the latest AI technology and trying out dash cams. Many dash cams, like this one from Samsara, record both in-cab and external footage. These cams detect changes in the road and changes in the driver’s habits. For example, if a driver is breaking too hard, an email notification is sent to both the drives and supervisor to help them be aware and analyze the impact of these events. Many employers are using rewards programs to help incentivize employees to use dash cams and increase safety standards.

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