Getting the recommended amount of sleep is crucial for truck drivers. When sleep is not prioritized, truck drivers are more susceptible to accidents that put both themselves and the general public at risk.

Although it may be tempting to get that long drive done a few hours early, you’ll always thank yourself for pulling into the truck stop and getting a few extra Z’s. Here’s how truck drivers can prioritize rest.

Create an ideal sleeping environment

If a hotel is not available for the night, it’s not uncommon for truck drivers to sleep in their trucks, especially during long hauls. If you’re regularly sleeping in your truck at truck stops, we recommend making the environment as comfortable as possible for more restful sleep.

Make sure your environment is quiet in a safe spot that’s far away from other trucks or the freeway, recommends American Truck Driving. Invest in a high quality mattress that is 3 to 6 inches and has extra foam for comfort. Lastly, get a nice sleep mask and avoid any extra caffeine before bedtime.

Focus on daily exercise

As a truck driver, you’ll be stuck in the same sitting position for up to 11 hours per day! Your body may become restless, making it more difficult to sleep. That’s why it’s crucial to prioritize daily exercise to help your body adjust accordingly.

Although maintaining a regular workout routine on the road is tough, you can try out simple ideas like going for a light jog near the truck stop site. You can also focus on exercises like light stretching, yoga and Pilates to help relieve any lower back pain you experience from sitting down for so long.

Eliminate screen time before bed

Although it may be tempting to watch your favorite show or scroll mindlessly on social media after a long shift, avoid the urge. Too much screen time disrupts sleep patterns. Keep in mind that it is important to stop using screens at least one hour before bed. Instead, focus on some light reading or listening to music.

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