There’s an active truck driver shortage in America, with 300,000 truck drivers leaving the profession each year, according to CBS News. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has made this shortage worse due to the lack of training and apprenticeships available to those who want to enter into or advance in the workplace.

Semi Truck Driver JobIt’s also reported that truck drivers are leaving the industry for jobs that offer more flexible working hours and better pay, according to a recent report from Smart Trucking. Since this labor shortage is most likely going to impact the industry for a while, here are tips on how to actively combat the truck driving shortage,

Offer increased mileage rate

Truck drivers are often paid per mile because it allows for flexibility and efficiency while still receiving a good wage. Truck drivers are also paid weekly instead of on a biweekly or monthly basis. The average pay is 28 to 40 cents per mile, but many companies are increasing that rate to make the deal a little sweeter. Plus, some companies are offering bonus opportunities to get truck drivers to sign up.

Improve onboarding procedures and talent teams

A good onboarding procedure often sets the tone for how an employee will spend their time at the company. Talent and HR teams forget to check on their employees throughout the duration of the employment process. It could be as simple as a phone call or lunch date to check in on how the first few months of the new job are going.

Attract new hires

Attracting qualified new hires in the U.S. takes some work nowadays, but it’s worth it when it comes to retention. One way to attract brand new hires is by offering to pay for CDL courses and other employee incentives like cell phone reimbursements. Only 7% of truck drivers are female, so consider making a recruitment strategy to reach this demographic.

Lower the age requirement

The current age requirement to work as a truck driver is 18 years old instead of 21. As long as applicants are willing to complete CDL courses, pass vision exams and start gaining miles, they can become truck drivers.

Highlight company culture

Everyone wants to work at a company where they feel they are fairly paid and workers are always put first. Some companies are offering shorter driving routes where employees get to go home to see their family every night and get a good night’s rest.

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