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The BearCat asphalt pump will save you upfront costs & install time. It will cut down electricity usage at your plant. And many years down the road when it comes time to rebuild you will be shocked at how quick and easy that process is.

We are confident you will love the BearCat asphalt pump. Please fill out the form below to get your custom pump quote started. And if you have any questions please feel free to call us. Once we receive your request for a pump quote we will get right back to you.

Pump Quote

Double D Distribution has teamed up with BearCat Asphalt Pumps out of Phoenix to provide pumps to the asphalt and oil industries. With Double D being in the asphalt and oil industry for over 30 years and BearCat Pumps having produced asphalt pumps for over 20 years it just made sense for us to work together.

As an asphalt and oil trucking company we have real data on pump performance and what pump specs work best in certain situations. As we work with BearCat to build your pump we can come up with a long-term, high-performance, more energy-efficient, and more cost-efficient pump than the competition. It sounds too simple but it is true. BearCat has focused so much on moving asphalt and oil materials that they have found a way to simplify the flow of oil in a pump design that uses much less power but still produces high flow rates.

When our customers started asking us if we could help them find pricing on asphalt pumps it really surprised us. But we were more than happy to try and help them solve their problems. Our research led us to find BearCat Pumps out of Phoenix and as we began helping make the connection with our customers and BearCat it just made so much sense that we could do this on a regular basis. After flying down to Phoenix to tour their facility, learn how to build their pumps, and see the complete design process we were able to become a dealer for their pumps.

We have been so pleased with the BearCat asphalt pump solution. It constantly amazes us how it has revolutionized the technology in a pump. We are positive we can reduce your electricity bill, reduce pump maintenance, and give you a long lasting solution that won’t need your attention for a long time.