Dry/Reefer/Lift Gate Freight

You have found your Dream Truck Driving Job!

Miles, pay, and home time. These things are important to you and they are important to us! Call or apply and find out why we have so many 10+ year drivers.

Every manager at Double D was a truck driver here before becoming a manger and we all still drive today! We know what it is like and we know how to keep our guys happy at work. Here is what you can expect at Double D:

  1. With high pay and high miles. Plan on $1,500/week. Benefits, 401K, and signing bonus too!
  2. Dry Vans – We have the standard 53′ dry van freight.
  3. Reefers – We have reefer trailers. Reefer trucking has long been know for its high miles and ability to keep a truck hopping from one stop to another. We buy new trailers with nice reefer units so that you can stay on the schedule you want and don’t have to worry about reefer trouble.
  4. Lift gate trailers – For almost 20 years now we have been trucking 53′ dry vans with lift gates on the back. Our drivers can make their own schedule as they travel to the east coast delivering gun safes to small and large recreation stores.
  5. Hopper Bottom – Or…if you are tired of the same old 53′ trailer routine. Click here to check out our 40′ hopper bottom trailers and experience a whole new side of trucking!

No matter what your preference, we can give you a new freight truck with the latest technology. Allowing you to comfortably travel across the country while also allowing you to get the miles you deserve. Amazing career opportunities lay ahead for you at Double D!

Truck Drive With Us

You will be so surprised to see and feel the difference when working at Double D. Click the button below to come see for yourself!

I have worked for Double D for 9 plus years and have had great success. I respect for the courtesy and comradery of management and fellow employees . I have be given opportunities to grow and become a better person and driver while here.

Wendell Andreoff, 9+ Year Driver