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At Double D we have created a positive work environment for all our truck drivers. Nothing is more important to us than you feeling like you are both happy at work and that you feel supported to be successful in your job and in your life. We have very low turnover rates and smiling faces to prove it, our truck drivers are so important to us and we would love for you to come join our team.

We are always striving to provide the best trucking services by having the best truck drivers. As a truck driver, you are the key to our success! We know that it is your work that keeps our company going, if you aren’t successful then we can’t be successful. We will do all we can to support you. Because of our training program and high safety priorities, we feel confident in you as a driver.

Driving jobs are a necessity to America’s future, we hope you know what a critical role you serve to our country’s survival. We believe in the pride of truck driving, while many people in the industry and trying to lower a truck driver’s responsibilities and standards, we feel the opposite is needed. We want people who take pride in their work, pride in their truck, and pride in their way of life. And we want to support you in your efforts to achieve your goals in life.

Truck Driving Job