Hopper Bottom Trucking Job

A new driving experience

Expand your driving career and build your resume by becoming a hopper bottom driver.

Call or apply to begin the process of finding what hopper trucking opportunities we have for you at Double D.

This is truck driving re-imagined. Driving Hopper Bottom focuses on runs from the west coast to the mid-west. These low-profile short trailers make your job even more exciting because of how smoothly they pull behind your truck. You will enjoy this new trucking experience. Here is what you can expect when pulling a hopper bottom trailer:

  1. With high pay and high miles. Plan on $1,500/week. Benefits, 401K, and signing bonus too!
  2. Latest technology in trucking. Trucks that have driver comforts: optimized idle, espar heater, microwave, fridge, TV mounts, heated/cooled seats, leather seats, etc. We want you to be as comfortable as you can when you are at work.
  3. Route planning. Let’s work to get you where you need to be when you need to be there. Let’s plan out home time and then get you the miles you want when it is time to work.
  4. Air ride hoppers with reliable vibrators, nice brooms, and good air tools to help your unloading process be as easy as can be.

No matter what your preference, we can give you a new truck with the latest technology. Allowing you to comfortably run down the road while also allowing you to get the miles you deserve.

If you’re interested about joining the team here at DoubleD Distribution, click the link to learn more about potential job opportunities!

Truck Drive With Us

With only 40′ behind you, you won’t believe how easy and fun it is to pull the hopper bottom. Click below to get your hopper bottom trailer with your name on it.

I can’t say enough good about them. Everyone I have met so far has been very nice and they treat you like family. It is nice to pull into the yard or walk into the office and everyone knows you by first name and says hi soon as they see you.

Casey Temaat, Hopper Driver