81827105_MIn 1987, our founder, Mark Droubay, was introduced to the asphalt industry.

Always observant, Mark quickly realized many of the tasks performed by hot plant personnel—watching oil tank levels, maintaining hoses and valves, and communicating with oil suppliers—could be performed in half the time by himself. Why sit in the driver’s seat and wait for everyone else to get their work done?

Soon Mark started offering these services one by one. Over time, it enabled him to establish a business where a client could call and make an order for oil, but not worry about the rest. Word quickly spread between local contractors and home builders, and we’ve been delivering asphalt and emulsions all over Utah ever since.

Eventually, Utah expanded to the entire Western United States, and now we have truckers who regularly travel up and down the Rocky Mountains. Our current fleet features 30 asphalt trucks and more than 60 trailers. We also offer the following capabilities:

  • All liquid asphalts: AC, MC, PMAC
  • Dedicated emulsion sets: cationic and anionic, with 36-42 tons of hauling capacity
  • Emulsion drop trailers
  • And more!

Whether you’re tasked with paving a new parking lot or are in the process of building an entirely new subdivision, we have what you need to get the job done. Call us today at (801) 364-6565 and request your free quote.