Road construction worksIf you work in the construction or oil industry, you know how valuable a high-quality asphalt pump can be. Asphalt pumps are much different from other types of industrial pumps, in that they operate at high temperatures and must be able to handle liquids of different viscosities. What’s more, they have to be able to run for hours at a time without the risk of a leak.

If you’re tired of investing in run-of-the-mill asphalt pumps that only last a few months, consider a custom model. Here at Double D Distribution, we’ve established a partnership with BearCat Pumps out of Phoenix, Arizona. BearCat Pumps has been manufacturing custom asphalt pumps for more than two decades. Unlike many of the competitors on the market, BearCat’s product line offers energy-efficient, high-performance pumps that are energy and cost-efficient.

Still not convinced? Then consider the fact that we’ve collected years of data on asphalt pump performance and asphalt pump specs. We’ve shared this information with BearCat to ensure each one of our trucking partners has the high-quality equipment they need. BearCat has utilized this information to develop a line of asphalt pumps that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Some of their key features include:

1.) A simple and safe latch design. Old-fashioned asphalt pumps featured a convoluted strainer system and 12 to 16 bolts, making repairs and maintenance a real headache. BearCat’s custom asphalt pumps are made of cast aluminum with an oil-jacketed base. The side walls are designed for enhanced heat conduction, and the two cam lock latches allow for easy access and security.

2.) Accurate metering. Each BearCat asphalt pump includes a CMF-300A or CMF-200A Elite meter. In addition, each pump is designed specifically for asphalt, polymer-modified and rubberized AC materials. The pump’s high-temperature resistant components allow for improved efficiency on the job site as well as fewer repairs and less downtime.

3.) Custom skids. BearCat asphalt pumps feature custom skids that allow for easy transportation. The skids are steel-welded and have a powder-coated finish. The team can even adjust the pulley ratio of the pump based on your desired flow range. For a little extra, you have the option to include a variable frequency drive (VFD). A VFD allows for more precise speed control and reversibility.

If you’re interested in learning more about our partnership with BearCat Pumps, please reach out. Call (801) 364-6565 or click here. If you need a pump capable of pumping between 1.0 and 600.0 gallons per minute, we have a solution to meet your needs. We keep pumps stocked, so we can have one to you within a day, or we can have BearCat design a custom pump and have it delivered to your facility within a week. We look forward to hearing from you!