33097891_MSummer 2019 arrives June 21, and it’s already predicted to be a hot one, particularly out west. In fact, when The Old Farmer’s Almanac released their summer forecast a few weeks ago, they began by saying, “We’re expecting a hotter and drier-than-normal season.”

If your business involves transporting perishable or temperature-sensitive goods, it’s important to take this warning seriously. Your customers trust you to ensure their orders arrive on time and exactly how they expected. However, triple-digit temperatures, high humidity, and unforeseeable events, such as shipping delays or breakdowns, can put deliveries off schedule and leave customers unhappy. For small or medium-sized businesses, every client matters. You can’t risk making mistakes that are easily avoidable.

That’s where we come in! Here at Double D Distribution, we specialize in the timely and safe transport of temperature-sensitive and perishable goods. To assist us in these efforts, we have an entire fleet of refrigerator trucks that are regularly serviced and maintained. From flowers and produce, to milk, and even fresh meat, our experience is extensive.

Even if you aren’t sure we’ll be able to assist, it doesn’t hurt to reach out. We regularly develop customized plans that align with our customers’ unique needs. Don’t let summer arrive without a comprehensive temperature control plan in place. Take action today and give us a call; we look forward to working with you!