drawing of the truck transporting a loadSummer is right around the corner, and you know what that means: trucking’s busy season. Even though there’s plenty of incentive to go, go, go, make sure you’re doing it safely. Here are three important safety reminders.

Tire pressure. The warmer it gets outside, the more likely your truck’s tire pressure will increase. According to Goodyear.com, every 10 degrees of increased temperature leads to one or two pounds of increased tire pressure. When you’re facing long stretches of desert highway, your chance of a blowout increases significantly. Every time you visit a gas station, take the extra time to inspect your treads and tire pressure as well. Be smart and don’t let your levels sink too low.

Drink plenty of water. There’s no way to prevent accidents or breakdowns entirely. Do yourself a favor and pack at least three extra gallons of water inside your truck cab. If you experience a blowout or other similar problem, this will keep you going for at least a day or two. You should also consider cutting back on beverages such as soda and energy drinks. Caffeine can provide you with a short burst of energy, but it will also leave you dehydrated.

Share your itinerary with others. Make sure your supervisors know where you’re located at all times. If it isn’t part of your job description, go the extra mile and call, text, or email. The more people on your team know your whereabouts, the better. Communication is key to your safety.

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