47319305_MTruck drivers are in high demand. As a growing number of baby boomers reach retirement age and new technologies disrupt the industry, this demand will continue to grow exponentially. For truck driving professionals, this confluence of events presents a unique opportunity to pursue personal and career development.

While there are hundreds of trucking entities you can work for, we hope you’ll make the decision to apply here at Double D Distribution. As a driver-friendly company, it’s our goal to make your job easy and enjoyable.

Competitive pay and benefits. In today’s day and age, many companies have a tendency to nickel and dime their employees, which is particularly true of independent contractors. Not here. At Double D Distribution we provide competitive wages and benefits. Our goal is to make every trip worth your while, providing not just an income that keeps a roof over your head, but one that allows you to live a comfortable life.

Top-quality equipment. Have you ever driven a rig that was on its last legs? Not only is this frightening, it’s also incredibly dangerous. All our trucks and trailers are regularly maintained and are of the highest quality. This ensures fuel efficiency, on-time deliveries, and happy employees and clients.

Growth and educational opportunities. It’s our firm belief that truck drivers should never stop learning. That’s why we regularly host in-house training sessions and presentations. In addition, whenever possible, we hire from within, promoting individuals who have been with us through thick and thin.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your trucking career, contact our team today!