Portrait of woman opening truck doorTruck driving is a rewarding occupation with an all-time high of 3.5 million truck drivers nationwide, according to census.gov. Truck driving is one of the largest occupations in the U.S. Being a truck driver is joyful in many ways and helps thousands of people gain access to everyday goods and services. Below are the highlights of truck driving:

1. Variety in the job

Utah truck drivers transport a variety of items each day, including portable water, dry freight, refrigerated freight, crude oil, and more. Drivers are always taking these items to new places, including construction sites. We always get the load there on time to ensure there are no delays in the project, making us trustworthy to construction companies.

Truck drivers also take different routes every week, allowing them to explore new places while working. Some of these routes target different areas of the country (the West, for example), while others carry loads across the entire country.

2. Room for salary growth

The average truck driver earns about $43,252 per year and is less likely to be unemployed than in other occupations (4.1% unemployed versus 5.3% for all other workers).

However, there’s room for plenty of salary growth and truck drivers with a license can see a significant increase of up to around $83,582 per year, according to posted employee salaries on Indeed. Another appeal is that no formal, college education is necessary to become a truck driver. All you need is a high school diploma or GED and a commitment to the training process.

3. Potential tuition reimbursement and other great benefits

Although nothing is guaranteed, some companies offer an official tuition reimbursement for their truck drivers. However, it does depend on the company you work for and how long you’ve been working there. Many companies offer other types of benefits as well.

4. Freedom

Nothing is more freeing than the wind in your hair while you’re driving through a brand new state you’ve never been to before. With truck driving, you get the freedom of traveling without all of the financial commitment.

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