Utah Freight Trucking Specialists

Trucking dry van, reefer, and lift-gate freight. A solution for every product!

The efficient movement of freight across the country in instrumental in keeping America moving. Utah is where we are headquartered and so we are most specialized in the Utah and Rocky Mountain region. But we offer our trucking services across the country. While we have dry vans running I-15 all day long, we also have lift-gates that make regular runs to the east coast. And we have many other lanes we service as we move freight across the country.

Double D is not an empty building with no support. We are your worry-free, peace-of-mind, and full service solution to your freight trucking needs!

Dry van and reefer freight is extremely common, a dime a dozen you could say, we certainly offer those services as well as more specialized services. We have a dock at our facility allowing us to cross dock our freight or shift a load as needed. We also have a small fleet of lift-gate dry vans allowing us to make door stop deliveries.

We continue to offer our premier service in our general freight division. Here is what you can expect:

  • You will have visibility into your load every step of the way, we can literally give you live map tracking of your loads on your computer or phone.
  • You will have 24/7 phone support. We know how important it is that you can talk to someone about your needs or concerns. All of management has their phone on 24/7.
  • Professionalism every step along the way.

Our general freight trailer services include:

  • Dry Van
  • Reefer
  • Lift Gate Dry Van
  • Cross-dock or load shifting

Freight Trucking Quote

This is not a form where you will wait and wait. Once you contact us we will contact you ASAP and will begin putting together your trucking quote right away. Let’s start the process and give you peace of mind with your product!

When Mark Droubay created his trucking company back in 1984 he founded it on the principles of hard work, friendship, outstanding customer service, and love of trucks. After years of constantly applying those principles the company has grown to a small fleet that services much of Utah in a wide variety of trucking services. If you want to learn more about the services we provide please click the button below to see what else we do.

His trucking company has transported just about every category and type of product imaginable over the past 3 1/2 decades. And while we like to specialize in the more difficult parts of the trucking industry we are always up haul whatever product you need moved. It is our desire to help you have peace of mind and a worry-free experience every step of the way. We want to be a partner with you as we get your product moved. We want to be successful but we also want you to be successful. Double D Distribution has grown as their customers have grown. So we want to grow together and make something incredible happen as we help keep our great country truckin’ along!

So give us a call or come see us at our location. You are also welcome to fill out our form to request our services. We are excited to get to work with you!