Pneumatic Trucking

A different shape, but pneumatic trucking is still tanker trucking. Another one of our specialties.

We picked up pneumatic trailers later on in our company’s history. But it has been a very good fit for our business as we thrive on the unique aspects of trucking that requires specialized training and equipment. Pneumatic trailers can be used for many different things and we have trailers set up to cover most parts of that industry.

  • Cement Powder – wherever your cement powder is produced we have trucks with blowers set up to unload cement powder at stationary plants, batch plants, or guppies.
  • Fly Ash – The common cousin with any cement plant. We also have trucks to haul fly ash from a number of locations.
  • Hydrated Lime – It is very common in asphalt plants, especially those doing state work to use hydrated lime for their mix designs. We have trailers specifically for hauling this challenging product.

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Trucking Service & Reliability You Can Count On

In 1987 Mark Droubay was introduced to the tanker industry. As he was hauling to these customers, he looked around and noticed that the hot plant personnel seemed to be doing a lot of things that he could easily do while he waited for his trailers to unload. Things like watching silo levels, taking care of hoses and valves, communicating with suppliers, etc. He could see they were busy enough trying to run their plant in the busy construction season. So, he just started doing those things for them so they did not need to worry about it, thus beginning his company culture where all his customers had to do was make a simple phone call requesting their product and they would not have to worry about the rest because they could trust Mark to have their product where it needed to be when they needed it.