Hauling Asphalt & Emulsions

In 1987 Mark Droubay was introduced to the asphalt industry. While hauling liquid asphalt, he looked around and noticed that the hot plant personnel seemed to be doing a lot of things that he could easily do while he waited for his trailers to unload. Things like watching oil tank levels, taking care of hoses and valves, communicating with oil suppliers, etc. He just started doing those things for them so they did not need to worry about it, thus beginning his company culture where all his customers had to do was make a simple phone call requesting their oil and they would not have to worry about the rest because they could trust Mark to have their oil where it needed to be when they needed it.

Beginning first in Utah, it has now grown to servicing all the Rocky Mountain states. With a fleet of 30 asphalt trucks and 60+ trailers. Double D specializes in the following areas of asphalt & emulsions:

  • All liquid asphalts – AC, PMAC, MC, or whatever it might be.
  • Dedicated emulsion sets – Cationic & Anionic, with a range of 25 to 42 tons hauling capacity.
  • Emulsion drop trailers – tack oil tanks delivered to your site and dropped so that you may use it as your job requires.

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