As you may know by now, there’s so much opportunity in the trucking industry. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are open to keep America moving. Not only is growth abundant in the industry, but there’s also a variety of jobs for those who are wanting to keep things exciting. For instance, there are opportunities for short trips, long-haul trips, and hauling everything from grain to asphalt. DNU_DoubleDDistribution

One of our favorite trucks is our hopper bottom trucks. Hopper bottom trucking is truck driving re-imagined. These drivers and their trailers transport bulk products like grain and corn and empty the cargo through hoppers at the bottom. These trailers are used extensively throughout the country to transport agricultural goods and other commodities. As a hopper bottom driver, your responsibilities include transporting products in this specialized container. The easily operated crank handle engages sliding plates at the bottom of the hopper allowing the product to fall out when the operator turns the crank handle.

So what should you expect if you’re driving hopper bottom with us? Our hopper bottom drivers focus on runs from the west coast to the mid-west. With only 40′ behind you, these low-profile short trailers make your job even more thrilling because of how easily they pull behind your truck.

With great pay at $0.50/mile, our hopper bottom drivers make about $1,500 a week. We also have great benefits and a $1,500 signing bonus, too.

We offer our drivers the latest technology in trucking. Our trucks come packed with comforts you’ll want on the road like optimized idle, espar heater, microwave, fridge, TV mounts, heated/cooled seats, leather seats and more. We want you to be as comfortable as you can when you’re at work.

As one of our drivers, we’ll work with you to plan your route. We’ll work with you to get you where you need to be when you need to be there. We’ll also plan out the home time and get you the miles you want when it’s time to work.

The truck’s accessories also make unloading a breeze. We have air ride hoppers with reliable vibrators, nice brooms, and good air tools to help your unloading process be as easy as can be.

No matter your preference, we can give you a new truck with the latest technology, allowing you to comfortably get your freight where they need to be and allowing you to get the miles you deserve.

Expand your driving career and build your resume by becoming a hopper bottom driver. Call 801-364-6565 or apply on our website to begin the process of finding what hopper trucking opportunities we have for you at Double D.