DOUBLE D DNUOur founder, Mark Droubay, purchased his very first semi-truck in 1984 at the age of 22. The 1979 Freightliner cab-over allowed Mark to transport gravel and hay, inspiring his passion for transportation.

In 1987, Mark was hired by Steer Tank Lines. His boss at the time asked if he could transport a load of asphalt oil. From that day forward he almost exclusively hauled asphalt oil to hot mix plants in Salt Lake City.

Three years later, Steer Tank Lines decided to exit the asphalt industry. Mark then began trucking for the hot mix plants directly. He worked tirelessly from that point on, making sure his customers had all their liquid asphalt and emulsion needs covered.

That same year he traded in his 1979 Freightliner for a 1987 Kenworth T600. by 1992, Mark was able to purchase a second truck to help keep up with the growing construction industry in Utah. As asphalt construction in Utah grew, so did his trucking company.

The company continued to grow until we became the largest asphalt trucking company in the state of Utah. Over that time Mark diversified to make sure he could always provide work for his truck drivers when construction wasn’t in season. Now, Double D has 38+ trucks, 80+ trailers, and 40+ employees. While the materials may have changed over the years and new employees have been added to the mix, at its heart, Double D Distribution is a family-owned company.

It’s a badge of honor to say we are a family-owned and operated business. We emphasize a company culture founded on the nurturing qualities of family life. We treat all of our employees as members of our family because that’s exactly what they are.<

When you work for a family-owned business, like Double D distribution, one of the first things you notice is the level of commitment to our employees and drivers. We treat everyone with the utmost care and respect, from the janitorial staff to members of the upper management team. This commitment to everyone’s well-being translates to a passionate group of people who enjoy working together.

As a family-owned business, we value relationships. We have strong relationships with our employees, our partners, and the community. We value our relationships with each of our drivers and are committed to their professional growth and safety. If you’re looking for a new career opportunity, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always looking for qualified drivers to join our team and we’d love to have you! If you’re interested in driving for Double D Distribution, give us a call at (801) 364-6565. As a family-owned business, you will benefit from all of the things mentioned above. You will be joining not only our company but our family as well.